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New Student FAQs

  • I forgot to register! Can I just "drop-in"?"
    Due to COVID we are not currently allowing drop-ins. We hope to be able to accommodate drop-ins soon!
  • What can I expect from my first class?
    Arrival and Registration Please arrive 10 minutes early for your first class.This will give you time to register and sign consents, meet your instructor, ask any questions you may have, let your instructor know about any limitations, and take a tour of the studio. Hydrate! We have a water fountain in the studio, but bring a water bottle or we will have water bottles to purchase if need be. It is very important to drink water after class as you will be sweating and need to replenish your body.​ Don’t push yourself too hard in class. Yoga is a practice, not a finished product! Be present, mindful, and engage yourself fully, but don't push your body or mind too hard. You will find yourself delving deeper into practice with every class, so allow yourself the space and time to allow your practice to process and evolve!
  • What should I wear to my class?
    We encourage students to wear comfortable, moveable, breathable clothes, no jewelry, and bare feet or yoga socks. Let your body move!
  • I don't have a mat or any props. Can I still take a class?
    Yes! We offer mats for use and purchase, along with other yoga supplies, gear, and a water cooler on site in the studio.
  • Is the studio heated, or is this "hot yoga"?"
    No, we keep our studio at a comfortable 69 to 72 degrees at all times.
  • I can't put my feet behind my head. Do I have to be really flexible or fit to do yoga?
    Not at all. The practice of yoga is a personal journey, and is about a deeply personal process. We adapt classes to help all our students meet their needs and form a deeper connection within themselves.
  • Can I bring my kids to my yoga class?
    Yoga is appropriate for all ages, and while we have programs specific for young children and babies, our ongoing classes are appropriate for children over age 13 or by parental judgment.
  • What kind of yoga is right for me?
    We encourage our clients to try different classes, whether it be hatha, vinyasa, restorative, kripalu, or our many specialty programs. Yoga is about turning inward, and exploration is the best way to make a match for you.
  • How do I sign up for classes?
    Click Here! You'll need to sign up for a Mindbody Account. If you need more detailed instructions, please click here.
New Student FAQ
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