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We are pleased to offer an array of weekly classes within a variety of styles, including vinyasa flow, hatha, kripalu, gentle, strength, specialty workshops, and more. Our teachers are committed to offering an exceptional and customized yoga class to every student, regardless of skill level.

Class Descriptions

Align - In this sixty minute Vinyasa-flow, practitioners will synch breath to movement to create harmony between mind, body, and spirit.

Vinyasa Flow involves connecting the breath, body, mind, and spirit through movement and meditation. The intention is to help establish balance, flexibility, and an understanding that we can move through life with kindness, compassion, and grace for ourselves and each other. A theme of building an understanding of one’s own person will be emphasized utilizing yoga postures (asanas), breathing, and concentration/meditation in a mindful, accessible, and repeatable manner.


Weekend Wakeup Yoga explores the connection between mind, body and spirit as we breathe, relax, feel, watch and allow our inner self to be our personal guide. Invite yourself to experience a variety of body-enriching sequences. Join us as we discover the deep, nourishing satisfaction of treating ourselves and our practice with compassion and gratitude.


Slow-Flow Yoga is where we take time, our nervous systems relax, our minds slow down, our muscles become supple, our breath deepens – our inner chemistry shifts towards a biological balance, which one experiences as peace, tranquility, relaxation,  and emerging bliss. Slow Flow Yoga is based on aligning with the fluid rhythm and intelligence of your body. 


Using light hand weights, Yoga for Strength increases overall body strength and tones your muscles too. This cardio-strength based practice incorporates yoga postures within a fitness format mixing in strength-training exercises like squats, lunges, bicep curls, and core, to challenge your body.  Each class begins with a centering and ends with a period of relaxation.

Restorative Yoga is the practice of the asanas (poses) using the support of props to hold the poses for a longer period of time. The practice encourages physical, mental and emotional relaxation by balancing the nervous system’s optimal energy flow.

Slow Flow + Restorative - Glide into the end of your week with a nourishing yoga practice that balances movement and relaxation. This class includes a mindful, gentle yoga flow followed by reclined poses using supportive props and longer holds for deeper release. You will leave this class ready to embrace rejuvenation and rest.


Yoga Basics explores foundational yoga poses and offers detailed cues for yoga newcomers and seasoned students alike who benefit from a fresh experience of alignment, breath work practices, yoga philosophy, and a gentler practice. Whether you are a beginner who wants to learn what yoga is all about or a yogi looking to deepen your practice by returning to the basics, this class is for you!

Evening Slow Flow - This class is accessible to those who are looking for a soft, nurturing, slow-paced, well supported, relaxing practice.   Class is great for all levels including beginners or anyone looking for therapeutic benefits of yoga. Come to Heal!

Meditation in the Samatha Tradition: Calm, Clarity, and Joy

Thursdays, 7pm, September 28 Onward
All are welcome.
All classes are always free of charge.
Newcomers are welcome to join anytime, even after the first day.
No previous experience necessary; beginners especially encouraged.
Those familiar with other forms of meditation are warmly invited.
RSVP's encouraged:

Private Yoga


At Union Street Yoga, we understand that many students value working 1 on 1 with a yoga instructor. Private instruction can help students focus on posture development, deepen practice, or simply introduce yoga in a safe and anxiety-reducing way. Private yoga takes place on or off-site, and can be individualized for your goals and needs. 


Individual sessions are $100 an hour, or $150 for 90 minutes.



Come together as couples, partners, best friends, and experience a yoga practice that offers space for presence, awareness, and connection. Explore the power of your individuality and the depth of connection as a duo.


Couples sessions are $150 an hour, or $200 for 90 minutes.


Please note that all regularly scheduled classes are able to be cancelled via our online booking system without any charge to your account, or by contacting the studio. We appreciate your willingness to complete all cancellations prior to the start time of class (so we don't worry about you!) Workshops are refundable up to 72 hours prior to workshop start.  After 72 hours, it is by studio discretion. On the day of the workshop or after there are no refunds.


Please note that class pass expiration dates are enforced.

Class Descriptios
Private Yoga
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